CopperPouches (copperpouches) wrote in paganfinance,

Personal Health Investing

Hey you guys

I don't know if this has already come up (if so, I apologize) but I found a really nice site for helping to invest in your personal health (Yay reducing future medical costs!)

It's  They used to have a pretty clunky free version of their program, but they recently updated everything.  It's still free, but a LOT cleaner looking.

They expanded the content too; there's some neat, "soft" features like keeping track of your moods over the months, and I've mainly been using it to help me figure out if I'm getting enough vitamins of different sorts.

It doesn't have a lot of brand specific food listings but you can just add your brand as a "custom food" if you've got the time ^_^ 

'Just thought I'd pop this up in case anyone felt like taking a look.  Sorry if it's a repeat!
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