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Pagan Finance
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This is a community focused on personal finances and money management skills in the pagan community. Our goal is to facilitate conversation between people who are interested in learning how to manage money better. However, most (if not all of us) aren't financial advisors. Instead this is just a chance to ask questions, share stories, and otherwise learn from each other as a community.

Topics should be focused on the subject of money and wealth, though discussions on money magic can also be employed. Topics can also focus on goals that you are working toward that are related to your financial situation (frex paying off credit debt or starting a small business).

The one thing I want to discourage is negative attitudes about money. It's fine if you're trying to work though such an attitude and need some suggestions, but please don't come here and subject people to your disapproval of trying to improve their circumstances.

Edit: We are now including links to different financial resources on this profile page.
The Motley Fool is an online site/network focused on helping people achieve financial empowerment.

Handle Allowances successfully and Children and allowances are useful sites for teaching parents how to start educating their children on finances.
Free annual credit reports
Sustainable and green business investing
Portfolios for sustainable investing
Ing Direct
Vitrtual stock exchange A free game</a> that allows you to safely test your knowledge of how to manage stock investment. Highly recommended.